01. Marketing Challenge

For its second year as a sponsor at Igloofest, National Bank wanted to ensure that it had a positive impact on the experience of festivalgoers during the event. Inspired by National Bank’s new strategic positioning: It’s human to ask questions, our mandate was to design a context of socialization and engagement both playful and surprising where millennials could come to warm up.

02. Solution

Because there is nothing more human than having fun with friends in a warm, friendly and vintage environment, we created the NB Arcade. Inspired by the popular 1980s, festivalgoers could come to the NB Arcade and play classic arcade games for free. Festivalgoers were called upon to play friendly challenges. The winners won stamps on their game cards which they could then exchange for useful gifts to enhance their experience on the site.

03. Results

National Bank offered a high-level experience appreciated by all festivalgoers this year. NB Arcade was proclaimed as the millennials favorite experience at Igloofest in 2020. 8,250 interactions with festivalgoers. Nearly 5,500 NB Arcade visitors. 11,150 arcade games played.

Cette année, les festivaliers étaient appelés à passer
au prochain niveau à l’Arcade BN en défiant leurs amis
en jouant à des classiques jeux d’arcade.

La boutique BN permettait aux festivaliers
d’échanger leurs estampes gagnantes
contre des objets promotionnels BN.

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