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01. Marketing Challenge

In 2020, many Canadians had to acclimate to different social routines. As people collectively prioritized public health, get-togethers and gatherings took an extended hiatus for what felt like way too long. This opened the door for at-home experiences to reach new heights, especially with so many folks taking on new hobbies and interests. With that said, 1664 wanted to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, but with the pandemic changing the experiential landscape, how could we make it happen at home?

02. Solution

1664 helped Canadians elevate those special moments at home by providing them with an exceptional and easy-to-enjoy culinary experience. A culinary “masterclass” hosted by renowned Canadian chefs, Martin Juneau and Matthew Stowe taught participants how to prepare, cook and present high-end dishes that paired perfectly with 1664.

03. Results

Atelier’s curated chef experience reached well above our benchmark with a 38% overall VCR (compared to 25%), indicating that content effectively captured the attention of social media scrollers. This translated to over 3,000 clicks through Facebook and Instagram.
Within the Pinterest space, we saw great success with the creation of recipe/meal overlays designed specifically for the platform. Three of our ad units performed well above the benchmark, including Aged Gruyere Cheeseburger with a VCR of 50.3% (more than double our benchmark of 23%) and the Pissaladiere ad unit which earned a CTR of 0.14% (compared to our benchmark of 0.03%).

With the objective of getting Atelier content in front of as many people as possible, and pushing online users to our custom microsite, we surpassed our reach goal, hitting 65% of our target audience and sending over 4,000 users to site.

The social campaign was designed to provide consumers with valuable content and original recipes. These recipes were personally created by renowned Canadian chefs Martin Juneau and Matthew Stowe.

12 recipes were created by Martin Juneau and Matthew Stowe, all with 1664 in mind. Some recipes even included 1664 within them, while others were the perfect pairings with the beer. All recipes were well received by participants, some even reposting their creations over social channels.

The campaign was a huge success with hundreds of consumers preparing the recipes and posting them on their own social media channels.