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01. Marketing Challenge

National Bank wanted to take advantage of its Rogers Cup sponsorship to demonstrate its ability to provide alternative experiences for millennials, knowing that a large majority of them do not attend the event.

02. Solution

Produced by VIBRANT, we designed an ephemeral village located under the Van Horne viaduct, just a few minutes from the Rogers Cup site. Visitors could enjoy imaginative “tennis matches” where artists from various disciplines would compete. In addition to the creative scheduling, the village presented multiple activities that offered the possibility of ranking participants on a large scoreboard using an RFID bracelet.

03. Results

In total, nearly 2,000 people visited the Alt Court site over a two-day period. 76% of visitors activated their RFID bracelet. 727 people said that they wanted to receive communications from National Bank after their Alt Court experience.

The RFID technology for a unique brand experience.

Alt Court hit the bull’s eye with millennials.