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01. Marketing Challenge

National Bank was an official sponsor of the Rogers Cup for the seventh consecutive year. VIBRANT was asked to reinvent their engagement strategy with tennis fans as part of the prestigious tournament.

02. Solution

“Le match parfait”, or “The Sweet Spot”, for the Toronto tournament edition. An original concept offering interactive games to fans at multiple touchpoints and experiences in order to truly communicate the Bank’s accessibility daily and, on the other hand, his involvement in the world of tennis. Each of the interactions and games offered communicate the simplicity and efficiency messages of the Bank.

03. Results

The campaign was a great success. We doubled our initial goal of qualified leads while increasing the number of planned interactions. We also achieved an average of more than 10 minutes of interaction per person.

Our creative team designed the interactive space using brand colours to capture the public’s attention.
Digital animations were also used to enhance the gamification aspect of the experience.

Two interactive games were created to maximize public engagement. Here, “The perfect pitch” allowed participants to test their skills and win prizes. 

Over 10,000 cocktails and mocktails were served during our popular ‘happy hours’.

Hundreds of participants added their artistic touch to a collective work of art that was created over the course of the event. This was one of the many tactics that allowed us to collect leads and tie National Bank to the public’s overall experience of the tennis tournament.

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