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01. Marketing Challenge

National Bank operates a network of more than 400 branches. Historically, branch managers would communicate with their corporate marketing team to access various materials for marketing initiatives. With that came a heavy workload and numerous hours of coordination between teams, all of which National Bank hoped to reduce significantly through the development and implementation of an integrated digital solution.

As such, VIBRANT was approached to develop a digital tool that would give all branch teams easy access to centralized content and information. Specifically, it was to be conceived in a way that National Bank could independently manage and update content in real time.

02. Solution

Simple and efficient, VIBRANT developed the National Toolbox – a platform designed to consolidate marketing content for various initiatives at the branch level, including promotional material, client events, contests, and public relations. Through the National Bank Toolbox, employees could download documents, templates, visuals, procedures, as well as best practices.

VIBRANT worked closely alongside National Bank’s marketing team to identify all relevant content and information that would be uploaded to the platform. From here, a content structure was developed and all the existing content was categorized. New content was also created collaboratively by VIBRANT and National Bank to better serve the target audience. Furthermore, VIBRANT keeps a close eye on the platform’s user habits to identify points of improvement and continuously enhance the overall user flow and experience.

03. Results

Since this project’s inception over five years ago, the National Bank Toolbox remains an essential platform for branch teams and their daily operations.

In 2020, more than 1,800 different users accessed the Toolbox, downloading a total of more than 7,500 documents.

National Bank - Toolbox - Digital Content

The National Bank Toolbox has continued to evolve since its inception, going through a major visual and structural overhaul in 2020. While National Bank continues to use the platform independently, any ongoing maintenance is led by the VIBRANT digital team.

With this platform we serve two types of users: general users and administrators. General users consist of branch employees who use the platform to access/download any relevant content. Administrator rights are reserved for the corporate marketing team and grants access to the backend of the platform. Here, the content and documents may be modified, removed, uploaded and categorized.

National Bank - Toolbox - Digital Content
National Bank - Toolbox - Digital Content

Through the National Bank Toolbox, employees could download documents, templates, visuals, procedures, as well as best practices.