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01. Marketing Challenge

Badoit had low awareness in the Canadian market so they tasked VIBRANT to win consumer’s hearts and drive brand awareness through trial. The objectives were to elevate the notoriety of the brand, deliver an extraordinary brand experience and evoke an association of Badoit with gastronomy.

02. Solution

VIBRANT launched the ‘Unlock the Taste of Gastronomy’ campaign. The multi-channel campaign engaged consumers at foodie focused events, in restaurants, and at retail. To tie all channels together and add a digital touch point, consumers could enter into a contest to win a trip to one of the world’s most gastronomic cities.

03. Results

The campaign generated over 40,000 impressions, 10,500 contest entries, and had a 32% conversion rate at retail.

The outstanding design of our visuals, kiosks and uniforms were noticed by consumers and managers at all the locations we visited.

The campaign and contest included in-store tastings, on-premise events, and national events such as Dîner en Blanc.