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Your brand is one of a kind.
Let VIBRANT help you show the world.

Your brand is unique and has a story to tell. As your creative agency, we will elevate your brand to stand right out of the crowd.

At VIBRANT, we build strong brand marketing stories that are part of a complete ecosystem that is reflected through unique storytelling; strong copywriting; conceptual design; and packaging created by our incredible team of strategists, copywriters and designers.

Storytelling development

When you sell a service or a product, you have a business. When your business has a message and a mission, it becomes a brand. Consumers want to know their brands. They want to engage and connect with the brands they love and VIBRANT can help transform your business into a brand.

We dig deep into your brand to understand where you fit within your industry’s competitive landscape. We focus on your consumer and what they are seeking for in a brand; in your brand. From here, we tell your story. It’s from here we create a unique story that is disseminated through all the (relevant) channels, reaching the touchpoints that resonate with your consumers and your potential consumers.

VIbrant’s team of brand strategists and copywriters build a cohesive narrative that is true to your brand by building a brand equity pyramid; finding your brand ideal; and properly positioning your brand within the landscape.


You know your brand and understand its value for your consumers. It is important that you are able to articulate the essence of your brand in a way that your audience will understand. What is your brand message and what are the mediums your audience gravitate to?

Choosing the right words to convey a message is an art that uses data to create. At VIBRANT, our team of copywriters align your mission; your message; and your brand values to communicate authentically with your consumers.

We believe in the importance in getting to know and understand your audience. As a creative agency, we navigate communication trends and channels to continue to find and resonate with the right audiences.

XM Concept + Design

Design and branding don’t stop at packaging or a website. As an experiential agency, we thrive on bringing brands to life and creating something that audiences can feel; touch; and experience. This interaction is where consumers absorb and humanize brands – this is where loyalty is born.

At VIBRANT, we create meaningful experiences that connect humans to brands. To do so, we develop live and digital experiential concepts that are driven by strategy and born from good design. We will elevate your brand’s identity to create an experience of it.

Our design team is drawing and creating mock-ups of these experiences at each step of the strategic process. We work with long-time, trusted partners to build and construct the concepts. There is nothing more exciting than watching an idea grow from idea to concept and then come to life in front of your very eyes.

Brand Asset Development

What touchpoints resonate with your audience and reflect your brand? VIBRANT will identify and map these out and create cohesive, on-brand experiences across all (relevant) channels. From making a strategic introduction to a prospective B2B client, to a retail shopper marketing initiative, to an omni-channel product launch, we will support you in uncovering and demonstrating your brand’s highest ideal – while of course keeping business objectives top of mind.

We develop designs that bring your brand to life. We can start from scratch to establish a powerful brand book for you with everything ranging from font, colours, imagery and guidelines; help you revamp your brand; or help transition to a new look.

VIBRANT’s creative design team are experts at translating your brand vision into a visual masterpiece that will attract the right audience.

Sales Collateral

Sales and marketing are a team. The importance of having quality sales collateral that sets you apart and keeps you top of mind with clients is critical. For over 15 years, VIBRANT has been creating fun and unique sales tools that are efficient, functional and appealing. Our tools will reflect your brand and sales objectives harmoniously, while furthering the credibility of your sales team.

Our copywriters and designers work together to ensure that even sell sheets or corporate brochures articulate the brand story. Every detail has value.


Often, your audience’s first interaction with your product is packaging. It’s your first opportunity to “say hello” to a consumer. You might not judge a book by its cover, but consumers will definitely judge a brand or product by its packaging! Let VIBRANT translate your brand story into an inviting first point of contact.

We work directly with your team to create exclusive packaging that truly represents your brand. Something you are proud, no, elated, to showcase. It’s not just about creating a beautiful package but an integral showpiece and first point of contact for your brand story.

Our team of strategists analyze the competitive market to find the sweet spot for your brand. Afterwards, our designers create a unique visual approach for your brand, ensuring that not only does your brand stand out of the shelf, but dominates the category.

Case Studies

Our designs and branding strategies have helped some of the biggest national brands to push their brands further and truly connect with consumers. Take a look at our creative minds at work.


Videotron, a telecommunications business, tasked VIBRANT to engage consumers during a national housing show and drive them to store to purchase their new innovation; Helix.

We created a connected experiential hub, The Videotron District, which was an amalgamated collection of 5 houses allowing participants to freely shop for Videotron products and services. VIBRANT’s Brand ambassadors successfully interacted with over 4,500 participants which resulted in 750 leads, 560 Helix demos and 100+ sales of Videotron products.


After more than 15 years of organizing the most anticipated events in the electronic scene in Montreal, the organization responsible for the creation of Piknic Électronik and Igloofest mandated VIBRANT to develop its parent brand.

VIBRANT’s team of creative writers imagined a new name while our designers thought of a completely new graphic universe for the brand: MULTICOLORE. It was the perfect word to describe the Piknic Électronik and Igloofest world. The corporate signature that we developed quickly became a powerful creative anchor as well: All the colours of event planning and experiential.

Your Vision.
Your Brand.
Your Goals.

Your brand has a voice. VIBRANT can help you translate your brand’s voice into words and visual designs with a strong brand strategy that reflects your brand’s true potential.

Contact us today to learn more about how our team of seasoned marketers can help your brand stand out from the competition and engage consumers on a meaningful level that produces results.