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At VIBRANT, we build fully integrated marketing campaigns and as a digital agency, we can support you in bringing your brand into the digital space or connect and amplify the digital touchpoints you already own. From app building to compliment your activation or imagining a new website, we can help you at every step of the way.

Website and App Development

We’ve been building websites and apps since we opened 15 years ago as an experiential marketing agency. For every live activation we are doing, we are also creating complimentary digital assets – from fully transactional apps to simple conversion based landing pages.

Our experiences have enabled us to grow into a full blown digital marketing agency. We can support you at any level. Our team of designers can help you bring your brand to digital life by building a website from scratch. Our team of copywriters can help you tweak and update your existing website to ensure the content is true to your brand and speaks to your target audience. Need to boost sales for a targeted period of time? VIBRANT can help you create a strategy to do so and develop a microsite or landing page with a strong media plan to achieve results. We can also enhance your live events by creating in-house apps to elevate your participants’ experience.

Social Media Strategy

Working closely with your marketing team, we can establish a content calendar for your brand. One of our social-media experts will be dedicated to your brand’s social presence. Not only will they be executing the strategy; posting and monitoring your pages, they are also continually analyzing and following your competitors and industry trends. This makes us super agile and quick to respond or adapt our strategy if needed.

Our social media experience has permitted us to work in various industries and for different types of brands. We’ve built social media strategies for products, services and even for an athlete’s personal page. We understand social and how to work with it and adapt based on the nature of your brand. Like with everything we do at VIBRANT, we can support you at any level you may need.


A beautiful website with carefully written content is not complete without a solid base of SEO and SEM. Your search engine optimization (SEO) is key to a successful campaign or website launch. At VIBRANT, we want to ensure that all the work and effort you do to make your brand perfect is seen by your target audience. We also support with search engine monetization (SEM), helping you build a strong plan and distributing your budget where it counts.

Content Creation

Beautiful content coupled with well thought out strategy is the VIBRANT way. As a content marketing company driven by strategy, we focus on delivering your message in a way that will resonate with your consumers. May it be through social media to reach potential consumers or by sharing a press release in your industry, our team of content creators work with you to produce and design unique content for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

We believe that choosing the right influencers is crucial to the success of a campaign. Choosing the right influencers that resonate with your target. Choosing the right influencers to match your brand values. And choosing the right influencer strategy for the campaign.

We work with our influencers the same way we work with all of our marketing campaigns: in a fully integrated way. We don’t believe in one stand alone influencer post with your product in the background. To truly work, we believe that influencers must be engaged with your product and authentically value it. That’s why our influencer marketing tactics often include an exclusive event permitting them to better understand your brand and create content in a controlled environment – then we ask them to integrate the product or service in their life, ensuring authenticity. We also work in tight collaboration with influencers to create unique and exclusive content for your brand. For example, we created a microsite to enhance the sales of Thermomix and then created an inspired review video of the product with, Montreal based foodie, Marilou from Trois fois par jour, see how we did it here.

Case Studies

Our team of copywriters and designers are hard at work to make the best content and digital experience for your brand. Take a look at some of our work.


VIBRANT was originally mandated to plan the launch of Thermomix’s® brick and mortar studio in the trendy Mile End district of Montreal, to support the brand’s aggressive sales and recruitment objectives. Unfortunately, COVID 19 restrictions forced Thermomix® to postpone in-person activations and close retail footprints forcing VIBRANT to pivot to achieve our goals via digital initiatives.

We created a microsite to consolidate all relevant lead generators: the site gave consumers the ability to purchase the product, become a Thermomix® Independent Consultant or book a demo with a consultant. Our digital campaign worked so well, Thermomix® sales were 176% higher than expected. Intrigued?


VIBRANT was initially mandated by Somersby to introduce their now proudly Canadian made product as well as promote new flavours through mass samplings experiences during summer 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was put on hold but that did not stop VIBRANT from thinking outside the box to ensure our client would achieve their 2020 goals.

VIBRANT imagined and designed the Somersby Farmer’s Market in Toronto’s Liberty Village. This click + collect market allowed consumers to purchase fresh and locally grown produce, through a pay by donation platform, while supporting local farmers. Consumers also received a complimentary 4-pack of the brand’s new liquids. Curious on how we achieved our Somersby sampling objectives?

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You have a vision for your brand. Let VIBRANT help you bring that vision to life on the digital side.

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