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VIBRANT is a full-service agency that connects your brand to people, across all touch points. The agency was born fifteen years ago and our first campaigns were focused on in-field activations. Experiential marketing, event marketing, live activations, whatever you want to call it, it’s in our DNA.

At VIBRANT, we create turnkey solutions for live and virtual experiences, tailor made for your brand, that your consumers will not only love – but connect with. From trade shows, to sponsorship activations, to stunts, to pop-up shops or even creating your own event or festival, we do it all. Our experts are here to support you from the ideation phase right through to execution, at a regional or national level. We are your A to Z, from coast to coast.

Experiential Programs

As an experiential marketing agency, we love creating unique and one of kind experiential programs for your brand. What differentiates us from an event marketing agency is our attention to detail. It’s not just finding the perfect cocktail and bite for your event but identifying and building the wow factor – the element that will make people talk about your brand experience and ensure it lives on past your event date.

We can create anything from a two-day festival with artists, shows, bars, food trucks and custom games with RFID gamification to building custom concepts for a road-trip tour to present your product to potential buyers. Our wide range of experience permits us to think outside the box and reach your audience may it be consumers or B2B.

We don’t believe it’s all been done before. We’re not here to reskin and repurpose ideas – we’re here to create the never seen before. Our team of creatives & strategists thrive to build innovative concepts that will blow you away.

Brand Stunts

Stunts are a fun and impactful way to share new information about your brand or just to remind people that you are there. How can we describe a good stunt ? It can’t really be described, it’s an event in a very short amount of time that surprises your audience and delights them with an unexpected experience. How about we show you what we’ve done and explain how we do it.

Our team of brand managers are specialized in presenting the perfect location for your stunt for maximum visibility and impact. Our partnerships with many key locations and suppliers allow us to execute crazy stunts in unexpected places. Like a tightrope walker 80 feet in the air at probably the busiest location in Montreal : The Old Port during the summer? Ya we did that.

Our expertise in experiential marketing helps us create truly effective stunts. We once built a suitcase big enough to fit a small house in the middle of downtown Montreal, while acrobats jumped in and out of it to announce the reopening of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. Our team of designers work with you to create a concept that is aligned with your brand messaging, then we work in close partnership with our long-time suppliers to build the necessary pieces. Our stunts are always accompanied with brand ambassadors on site to ensure there is a face to your brand. We also create sizzle reels which we can release through media & PR planning to amplify the stunts reach.

Event & Sponsorship Activations

Event and sponsorship activations are an investment for your business and your brand. It’s important to create an experience that your consumers will remember and that will hit all of your objectives.

We are experts in managing sponsorship activations, we can support you from the very beginning of this process by helping you select the right events and sponsorship opportunities to reach your targeted consumers, as well as support with contract negotiations. Not only do we specialize in knowing the right places to be, our 15 years of experience has helped us build strong relationships with all of the major events across the country. Our creative team then works on unique experiential solutions customized to your needs and your budget. We take care of it all. We have over 1500 brand ambassadors working with us every year to ensure your experiential activation is reaching your consumer and you are getting live feedback.

For an event sponsorship activation to truly resonate with your consumer, it needs to be true to your brand. That’s why we work hard to understand your brand’s voice and mission. We work closely with all your partners and agencies to ensure that we present live experiences that align with your values and messaging.

Guerilla Activation

Guerilla activations are a great way to reach a high number of consumers – but how do you make a quick, small interaction count? It’s more than bringing your product into the hands of your consumer. It’s about creating a connection and demonstrating the value of your brand. The heart of our guerilla activations are the brand ambassadors. They take a few seconds to communicate your message and create that connection. We work hard on how to deliver your brand message and positioning through intensive training and on-site supervision of your brand ambassador team.

We can build simple and effective guerilla activations with brand ambassadors, key branded visuals, premium looking uniforms, and a kick-ass script at only the most strategic of locations. We also build full scale guerilla activations across the country hitting all the major events. We adapt and tailor the programs according to your budgets, your timeline and your goals.

Retail & On-Premise Sampling

Our experiential roots are deeply entrenched in retail. We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries in all levels of retail locations. We’ve helped sell cell phones for telecommunications companies, we’ve sampled yogourt in grocery, prepared photo-ops for toilet paper brands in pharmacies and we’ve sent a real pirate captain to sample rum in every bar and pub you can think of across the country.

A brand ambassador at a fold out table sampling your product is not a representation of your brand. Like in everything we do, we create a story, an experience for your consumer. We want them to forget, just for a minute, that they are in the frozen pizza section of a grocery store and feel like they are eating pizza in a cafe in Rome. To do so, we create retail activations that are part of a bigger and broader campaign. We connect your retail and on-premise presence to your existing messaging and communications across all channels.

Case Studies

Our experiential concepts have helped our clients reach their goals and objectives while being able to showcase their ROI. Our creative programs speak for themselves, see below.

National Bank Arcade

Our client, National Bank, was sponsoring one of the coldest outdoor festivals in the world, Igloofest. Some days, the festival hits -30 degrees celsius, but that never stops the crowd – nor did it stop VIBRANT from creating a unique experiential activation that would hit all of National Banks objectives and amaze its target audience.

National Bank wanted to ensure that it had a positive impact on the experience of festival goers during the event. Inspired by National Bank’s new strategic positioning: It’s human to ask questions, our mandate was to design a social and engaging playful experience in which millennials could warm up.

Because there is nothing more human than having fun with friends in a warm, friendly and vintage environment, we created the NB Arcade. Inspired by the 1980s, festival goers could come to the NB Arcade and play classic arcade games for free. The National Bank Arcade was such a hit, it was proclaimed as the millennials favourite experience at Igloofest in 2020.

Kronenbourg Pop-up

Carlsberg, the official Canadian importer of Kronenbourg 1664, asked VIBRANT to win back the streets of urban Toronto by bringing this particular beer to the minds of Torontonians.

VIBRANT developed Project 1664, a 360 degree campaign with the objective of – connecting with current and potential customers, focusing on making K1664 the most talked about beer brand in the urban landscape and uniting consumers behind K1664 as the import beer of choice in Toronto. We opened a brick and mortar “creative hub” on Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s West Queen West neighborhood.

your brand
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Your brand has personality. VIBRANT can help you bring that personality to life with live and virtual experience that will wow your targeted audience.