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A great brand needs great sales!
Let VIBRANT help you
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Perhaps you’re looking to grow revenue, motivate employees, or receive actionable recommendations for your internal team, our outsourced sales and marketing services will help you every step of the way.

At VIBRANT, we build strong brand marketing strategies but we also ensure these strategies are well-executed in-field. We can help you from A to Z with building sales & merchandising teams, performing audits, and executing your trade marketing. Read more about our detailed outsourced sales services.

Outsourced Sales Team

Don’t have the necessary resources for an in-house sales team? No problem, we can help with that with our outsourced sales team. Similar to our merchandising service, we have a recruitment team that can support your company with sourcing, interviewing, hiring, training, and paying your sales team.

Our trained sales team is there to help achieve your sales objectives with in-field coverage of all of your point-of-purchases. They are also a great asset to support your business development managers by identifying sales opportunities. With the use of in-field technology, VIBRANT can analyze call report data to determine the number of ‘perfect stores’ carrying all Must Have Listings ensuring that your brand image is impeccable in-store.

Outsourced Merchandising Team

Merchandising is no secret for the VIBRANT team. Our in-house recruitment team are experts at finding the right people for your brand and product. We take care of it all, the hiring, the training, even the payroll! Leaving you without the stress and hassle and letting you concentrate on the fun stuff like creating an amazing brand.

Our team of merchandisers are young ambitious talents with strong physical capabilities and good sales knowledge. They have great client service skills and are solution oriented. It’s also important for us to find people who are driven by the idea of growing in your company.

What do merchandisers do? They support your sales team by placing products in stores, building displays, and ensuring promotional campaigns are impactful. They are your eyes and ears in-field. Each day they provide a full report that is sent back to you which lets you adjust and adapt accordingly, in real time.

Audits & Mystery Shopping

VIBRANT’s Audit & Mystery Shopping services can be scaled for any type of business and service. We can support you at the retail level or do internal audits for your trade and sales team.

Great marketing & advertising campaigns are key to creating a desire for your product and driving consumers to store. Once in-store how is your product displayed? Are the reps or salespeople well trained to sell your product? Is inventory low? Is your product placed strategically to compete with the other offers? VIBRANT can support you- whether it be for a mystery shopping program or audit of your retail and point-of-purchase displays. Our process includes collecting data about your product’s positioning, quantities, display and pricing in comparison with your competitors. We can then analyze the data and build corrective action plans.

We’ve also worked with a number of our clients on internal audits to help them better understand their teams and even rethink corporate structure to optimize results. Our team works on a careful plan to go on the road and meet with your employees, colleagues, sales reps, and clients. With our findings, we work on observational and actionable recommendations for the short-term and long-term goals of your business. Learn more about our auditing process by contacting us.

Trade / Channel Promotion

At VIBRANT, we work tightly with your marketing team to ensure that your trade strategy is correctly integrated into the trade ecosystem. Being a national agency, our team can help you across the country to activate and elevate your trade show presence. May it be to generate qualified leads, create awareness, generate more advertising revenue, or increase sales – our trade strategies permit your brand to reach your goals.

Our team of experts can help you define the positioning and the communication axis of your product or service in order to build a strong brand in your target market. We develop a strong campaign connected through a single communication axis that can be adapted to different channels and make recommendations on how best to run the campaign based on these communication touchpoints.

Customer / Employee Motivation Program

Is your business facing a decline in customers and sales? Are your employees not performing as well as they once were? VIBRANT can support you by proposing and executing tactical strategies that will not only stabilize a current negative situation but also support its revitalization and growth.

Case Studies

Our innovative trade marketing strategies and outsourced sales marketing initiatives drive concrete results that will help you and your company shine. Take a look at our programs at work.


Danone mandated the VIBRANT team to help them reboot its long-running Sales and Merchandising program in order to accelerate growth in the Impulse Channel and achieve sales objectives.

VIBRANT created the Danone Impulse Sales Specialist team (DISS), a team of 6 specialized regional reps to focus on the Impulse channels. With daily support from a dedicated Sales Strategy Manager we managed KPIs, call targets, monthly priorities, and sales processes. The Danone Impulse Sales Specialist team was so successful they’ve added approximately over 3,500 new accounts and 1,500 distribution wins.


Sleeman expanded its product line by adding nine major imported brands through the acquisition of Carlsberg. VIBRANT was asked to create a concept that would encompass the full roster of Sleeman’s imported and distributed products. In addition, it was necessary to present, frame, and highlight their catalog at retail locations.

“Great Beers of the World”: an original trade marketing campaign designed to celebrate and promote their new range of imported beers. Our comprehensive concept, branding, and campaign guide design helped Sleeman achieve a 31% increase in sales from the previous year.

Your Business.
Your Sales.
Your Goals.

Your business has sales goals and we understand the importance of reaching those goals. Let VIBRANT help you drive results.

Contact us today to learn more about how our outsourced sales services and trade marketing services can help your brand stand out from the competition and engage consumers on a meaningful level that produces results.