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01. Marketing Challenge

How can we integrate Thermomix® into the lives of Quebecers despite only being sold online, having limited brand awareness and having a high price point? By demonstrating that Thermomix® is the most versatile and productive appliance they can have in their kitchens.

02. Solution

Creation of a microsite to regroup in one place all relevant lead generators: Purchase the product, Become a Thermomix® Independent Consultant and Book a demo with a Consultant. Collaboration with a well-known and respected culinary and lifestyle influencer in the Quebec market, Trois fois par jour. Targeted paid media campaign to recruit new consultants for the Quebec region.

03. Results

130% MoM sales and 176% higher than targeted. 853K impressions through paid media, digital traffic and social views. 115 leads to book a demonstration. 88 recruitment leads with 22 targeted hires.

Thermomix - Digital Content

VIBRANT was originally mandated to build in the launch of their brick and mortar studio in the trendy Mile End district of Montreal to support the aggressive sales and recruitment objectives. Unfortunately, COVID 19 restrictions forced Thermomix® to postpone in-person activations and a retail-facing footprint, forcing VIBRANT to pivot to achieve all the goals through digital initiatives.

VIBRANT worked closely with Marilou of Trois fois par jour to create a truly inspiring review video of Thermomix. The campaign took her audience not only through the product benefits but came with an authentic voice and step-by-step usable content.

Thermomix - Media Post

Since its inception in 1971, Thermomix® has been revolutionizing kitchens across the world. Evolving from seven functions to a total of 20 unique capabilities with its latest model, Thermomix® continues to set the standard for smart kitchens globally. Used in more than 10 million kitchens worldwide, Thermomix® has been transforming kitchens for the past 48 years.