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VIBRANT is an experiential collective, proudly Canadian, bringing together the best professionals and creative minds.

VIBRANT tackles the business problems of its clients and partners by enhancing, re-energizing or redefining their brand experience. At VIBRANT, we believe that a positive and engaging brand experience generates a significant impact on business and overall employee engagement. For VIBRANT, the brand experience must be at the heart of the client’s business model. In addition, VIBRANT’s experiential expertise is based on its ability to connect live events, retail, trade, digital platforms, innovations and all communications in a cohesive business system that promotes engagement and drives value.

We are the most respected name in experiential marketing and a household brand in Canada. VIBRANT is recognized around the world for its creativity and passion for a job well done. We have a collective of strategists, storytellers, creatives, marketers, designers, artists, engineers and managers. VIBRANT represents the largest brands in the world but also propels the development of emerging brands and start-ups. Behind the collective, we are a family of professionals who share the values of creativity, passion, optimism and collaboration.

A memorable and engaging experience starts with us. VIBRANT, a best in class experiential collective.

Meet our team

Eric Brouillet


Greg Baumken

Managing Director

Marie-Hélène Leblanc

Director, Strategy & Content

Marc-André Matton

Director of Finance

Véronique Bourgeault

Director, Client Service

Jennifer Ryan

Director, Client Service

Craig Belcher

Head of Client Solutions

Jacqueline Reid

Director, Strategy

Alan Miller


Renée-Claude Lapierre

Art Director

Meaghan Reid

Director, Client Service

Rebecca Enchin

Director, Client Services

Vanessa Ridder

HR Manager

Hugo Trahan

Brand Experience Manager

Alexandria MacDonald

Senior Brand Experience Manager

Antoine Tétreault

Senior Brand Experience Manager

Catherine Bisaillon

Graphic Designer

Taylor Hunt

Senior Graphic Designer

Kerry-Anne Hamilton

Brand Experience Manager

Emika Gagne

Brand Experience Manager

Sophia Kabriti

Talent Acquisition Manager

Shane Marcovich

Brand Experience Manager

Emily Polson

Brand Experience Manager

Salman Shiaa

Accounts Payable Clerk

Francesca Di Nardo

Brand Experience Manager

Samuel See

Experiential Specialist

Vincenzo Scutaro

Accounting Technician

Maria Sauer

Brand Partnerships

Wes Martin


Monique Gilbert

Brand Partnerships

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