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We Cultivate Talent

At VIBRANT, we’ve secured our place as a leader in our field by investing in our team members’ development and growth.

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Vibrant Academy

Our workplace is always stimulating. The VIBRANT Academy is our training, development, and learning foundation, designed to support the growth and development of our people. The VIBRANT Academy is dedicated to helping our team perfect their craft while furthering career and personal growth.

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VIBRANT is a proudly North American company that has team members across Canada and the US. We promote a culture where you can work from anywhere. VIBRANT knows that people do their best work when they’re in their element. We encourage meeting and collaborating at any of our offices. Get comfortable and work a little more VIBRANTLY.

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At VIBRANT, birthdays are holidays! Go celebrate with your friends and take the next day off to recover. During the winter holiday season, we offer rest days between Christmas and New Year so that you can relax and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

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Building strong connections is paramount to us, especially when it comes to our team. The VIBRANT team gets together often throughout the year. For instance, in 2023, all VIBRANT employees went on an all-inclusive group trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The VIBRANT team wins together and celebrates together.

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We recognize high-quality work when we see it and believe people who work well and hard should be acknowledged and celebrated. At VIBRANT, we make a point of recognizing all the members of our team. To this end, we’ve set up a structured annual review process, salary increases based on merit, and other financial incentives. Moreover, we’re always sure to highlight birthdays, work achievements, promotions, and any other important milestones. We care about our employees’ well-being!

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Are you a born entrepreneur? You could earn a bonus of up to 3.5% for each new business opportunity you bring for as long as you and your client do business with us. If this same account grows in the coming years, your commission will also increase. Have you ever seen this offered anywhere else?!

Career Opportunities


Do you have a story to share with us? A project that will change the world? Are your superpowers ready to emerge?
We are always on the lookout for new creative minds.

    We Build Strong Connections