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01. Marketing Challenge

Sleeman expanded its line by adding nine major imported brands through the acquisition of Carlsberg. VIBRANT was asked to create a concept that would encompass the full roster of Sleeman’s imported and distributed products. In addition, it was necessary to present, frame and highlight their catalog at retail locations.

02. Solution

“Great Beers of the World”: an original trade marketing campaign designed to celebrate and promote their new range of imported beers.

03. Results

Our campaign produced a 31% increase in sales from the previous year, with an increase of more than 6,000 points of distribution for selected products. The campaign was unquestionably a huge success.

Our comprehensive concept, branding,
and campaign guide design.

An exclusive theme was launched in 2018 at the world’s second largest retailer, Costco Wholesale, with an initial agreement of 50,000 cases.

outsourced sales

Distribution of this exclusive theme has since increased from a limited supply to large cities, and now, to full provincial coverage, resulting in increased availability.