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01. Marketing Challenge

VIBRANT was initially mandated by Somersby to introduce their now proudly Canadian product as well as new flavours through mass samplings experiences during summer 2020. The objectives were to interact with consumers during festivals all over Canada, as well as drive trail in retail and the on-premise. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was put on hold but that did not stop VIBRANT from thinking outside the box to ensure our client would achieve their 2020 goals.

02. Solution

VIBRANT imagined and designed the Somersby Farmer’s Market in Liberty Village, Toronto. This click + collect market allowed consumers to purchase fresh and locally grown produce, through a pay by donation platform, while supporting local farmers. In this contactless experience, consumers were given a 4-pack of Somersby cider with every bag of produce picked up, allowing us to meet Somersby’s sampling objectives.

03. Results

The Somersby Farmer’s Market resulted in over 575 bags ordered, 1 500 engagements, 2 400 samples of Somersby distributed and a 10 000$ donation to the Stop Community Centre. The project also had a big online presence with over 7.7M social media impressions, 14K links clicked and 7.1M views in the media.

The activation and strategy was complex as we wanted to give back to as many people and organizations as possible.

We paid for one months rent to a small local business for our market set up, we purchased all produce from local Ontario farmers and donated over $10,000 to The Stop Community Centre, helping providing food to those in need.