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VIBRANT created a strategic activation worthy of major tennis tournaments to help support the partnership between National Bank and Tennis Canada for the 2023 National Bank Open in Montreal and Toronto.
The goal was to raise National Bank’s profile and strengthen its association with tennis, while enhancing the fan experience.



Applying all its creativity and expertise, VIBRANT developed an immersive and compelling tennis experience: the National Bank Yard.
The Yard featured an oversized red umpire’s chair (in support of the “Keep your eyes on the ball” campaign) and a maze made up of tennis balls, all in a fun and interactive space that entertained everyone.



The impact of activation was felt from day one. The project was a resounding success, and this activation served to further anchor National Bank in the world of tennis in Canada.

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To increase the National Bank’s visibility on-site, we had a team of characters dressed in National Bank colours interacting with the public as tennis ambassadors.


Games, refreshments and entertainment for all ages . . . Tennis enthusiasts had the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test, while enjoying a pleasant and visually immersive space.

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The giant umpire’s chair produced the desired visual effect, both in terms of height and size (it could even be seen in the background on the television coverage), helping to reinforce National Bank’s close association with tennis.