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Marketing Challenge


How could VIBRANT help Danone reboot its long-running Sales and Merchandising program to accelerate growth in the Impulse Channel and achieve sales objectives? The following solutions were considered; In-field coverage of Impulse sub-channels (coffee shops, convenience stores, natural retail, etc.), identifying sales opportunities to support Business Development Managers and customer compliance and account penetration.



VIBRANT created the Danone Impulse Sales Specialist team (DISS), team of 6 regional reps to focus on the Impulse channels. It had a daily support from a dedicated Sales Strategy Manager that was managing KPI’s, call targets, monthly priorities, and sales process. He was also coaching the team to meet the objectives as well as monitoring the performance and assuring results delivery on a regular basis. By establishing a focused coverage model, on-going product training and in-field technology, the DISS team adds more value to the call and ultimately more distribution wins.



With the use of the in-field technology, VIBRANT can analyze call report data and determine the number of ‘perfect stores’ carrying all Must Have Listings and cases sold as well as dollar’s value of incremental volume. The Danone Impulse Sales Specialist have added approximately over 3,500 new accounts and 1,500 distribution wins.


Dedication to their craft is what makes our merchandising team successful.

New facings on shelves are incremental wins that help drive the Danone business.

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