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Marketing Challenge


We can never underestimate the importance of good merchandising. When done thoughtfully and effectively, it can take the hassle out of shopping and give consumers that memorable purchasing experience.

For Sleeman, it’s been imperative to stand out amongst a bustling and ever-competitive market. With more craft brewers in the mix, effective merchandising has never been more influential. As such, Sleeman approached VIBRANT to optimize and enhance its merchandising efforts across retail stores in Quebec.

Our challenge was to optimize Sleeman’s merchandising strategy through proper display of products to help see an increase in customer awareness, purchase intentions, sales and ultimately, market share.



VIBRANT has supported Sleeman’s merchandising efforts through the development and management of a dedicated merchandising team. Through diversified and strategic recruitment efforts, VIBRANT ensures the fulfilment of all positions by professional, experienced and properly trained candidates. Our turnkey solution includes all HR-related matters including background checks, contract signings as well as expense and pay management.

Visiting major retail chains, C-stores, as well independent retailers across the province, our dedicated team is responsible for ensuring that inventory levels are adequate, products are properly displayed, and promotions are visible and properly communicated to consumers. Merchandising priorities and objectives are revised periodically and communicated to our dedicated team to ensure they are efficient & knowledgeable in-field. Collaborating closely with Sleeman territory managers, we offer a scalable solution whereby additional recruitment efforts are deployed at a moment’s notice to accommodate during demand peaks.

Finally, our merchandising program is only the first step in a bigger professional progression plan that has been put in place. Top VIBRANT performers, upon successfully completing the program (1-2 years), may be promoted to other sales positions directly within the Sleeman organization. This ensures that hard work is recognized and rewarded and that only the very best join the Sleeman team!



Since the program’s inception over 13 years ago, an average of 7 merchandisers have been employed on a yearly basis. Together, our team visits more than 200 stores on a weekly basis and executes more than 16,000 in-field hours every year. An average of 2 merchandisers are successfully promoted to other sales positions within the Sleeman organization every year.

By providing Sleeman with an upper hand and ensuring their merchandising strategies are executed to perfection, VIBRANT has continued to help Sleeman experience retail success across the province.

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VIBRANT’s dedicated team for Sleeman are committed to ensuring that merchandising is visually striking. Products and displays are kept clean and organized to help guide customers towards an easier purchase decision.


In our merchandising efforts with Sleeman, we’ve helped keep their products organized, which in turn has helped their customers shop with ease. Strong organization has made it easier for employees to recommend Sleeman products which in-turn lead to increased sales over the span of our partnership.