At VIBRANT, we blend business goals with commercial
insights to create compelling brand experiences
that captivate the public.

For more than 12 years, we have been developing a unique approach to creative marketing strategies based on the pillars of a brand. To do this, we deconstruct and rethink a brand’s ecosystem to ensure its core message is at the heart of the experience, and that our strategy directly impacts the growth of your business. This is how we connect people to your brand: through ideas and innovations adapted to your image. With over 5,000 projects underway in North America, we’ve done it all.

1. Brand Building

To create a strong brand, you have to go back to the Brand ideal. With this in mind, we take a collaborative approach to supporting our customers in the construction and alignment of the pillars used to define the storytelling of their brand. Our consulting service is based on the brand experience you want to create and the results you
want to see.

  • Research and insights
  • Assessment and definition of the Brand Ideal
  • Assessment and definition of the strategic pillars of the brand
  • Value system and code of conduct creation
  • Brand story creation
  • Branding and guidelines
  • Brand Playbook creation
  • Marketing execution, e.g. experiential, influencers, web, print, promotional, etc.

2. Experiential Marketing

VIBRANT exists to create meaningful relationships between brands and people. We are pioneers of creating experience that are integrated across all touchpoints. That’s how we’re able to conceptualize campaigns that maximize awareness and memorability.

  • Strategy development
  • Campaign ideation
  • National mobile tour
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Influencers outreach
  • Brand stunt
  • Guerilla activation
  • Recruitment and training of brand ambassadors
  • Logistics & deployment planning
  • Campaign execution
  • Real-time performance reporting

3. Commercial Architecture

At VIBRANT we help our clients optimize their commercial architecture to maximize sales. Our personalized approach to client consultancy enables us to continually develop solutions that are commercially integrated.

  • Trade marketing
  • Outsourced sales force
  • Outsourcing merchandising teams
  • Auditing, or mystery shopper program
  • Promotion development for retail trade
  • Sales structure optimization
  • Incentive employee / client competitions

4. VIBRANT Innovation

At VIBRANT, innovation is fundamental. We are a brand incubator. We develop, produce and market brands from A to Z across North America.

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