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Marketing Challenge


In October 2022, Wayne Gretzky Estates was ready to launch two (2) new premium products in the Canadian market. Prior to launching in-store, it needed to organize a marquee evening to generate significant media attention and bring all retail partners together to learn about the two new products: No. 99 Craft Ice Storm Vodka and Double Oak Whiskey.

VIBRANT was asked to generate significant excitement around the new products, ensure widespread tasting trials and orchestrate a memorable brand celebration with VIPs and other guests in attendance, all in a very tight turnaround.



Taking over the historic Annex Hotel in downtown Toronto, VIBRANT curated an exclusive launch evening with around 300 select guests in no time at all. The evening began with an exclusive multi-tiered tasting masterclass led by esteemed distiller and blender Tim Wilson.

 A select group of industry leaders had the privilege of gaining invaluable insights into the intricate process behind the blending and distillation and learned about key differentiators of each product and what puts them in the premium segment of their respective categories.



Beginning with overall brand impressions, the evening garnered 2.5M+ social media impressions through on-site media as well as organic and paid influencer outreach. The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, was in attendance to celebrate the launch, which led to many secondary conversations with media and trade publications as well.

The evening increased sales support and engagement within the sales network. The result? No. 99 Craft Ice Storm Vodka is now the fourth (4th) highest-selling product after less than a year in the market. Sales have far surpassed expectations.

As the evening progressed, attendees were treated to many premium touches such as a captivating red-carpet entrance, a live performance by award-winning Juno band iLLScarlett, premium food and beverages as well as a selection of five meticulously crafted cocktails showcasing the exceptional quality of No. 99 Craft Ice Storm Vodka and Double Oak Whiskey.


The entire evening program was organized within a tight timeline, showcasing VIBRANT’s agility to create an original standalone evening in very short notice.