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Marketing Challenge


National Bank mandated VIBRANT to develop an activation during the first edition of the light festival; Illumi. A nocturnal route created by thousands of light structures where eight fantastic worlds came together to create an unforgettable and unifying experience for the holidays. As the official sponsor of the first weekend, National Bank wanted to make sure to have a positive impact by enhancing the experience of the participants every evening.



Knowing that a family outing with young children often requires a lot of organization and energy, especially when the little ones have to walk nearly one kilometer in the middle of a crowd to get to Santa Claus, we had to find a bright solution to enhance their experience. We imagined the NB Express, a magical train that brought children directly to the North Pole, saving them from a long walk among the crowd. Comfortably installed aboard the NB Express, young and old were able to roam the Illumi route in an enhanced holiday atmosphere adding magic and a good time to their experience.



Over 41,000 visitors saw the NB Express in action. 2,552 travelers boarded during their visit to Illumi. Passengers spent an average of 28 minutes with the brand. Almost 60% of them said that they would consider becoming a National Bank customer after the trip. As the saying goes, the trains always arrive at your station!


We created a positive impact on people lives by enhancing their experience on the Illumi site with the NB Express.

All aboard for a 1 km magical ride on the NB Express.

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